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Weeping statues of the Virgin Mary, stigmata raising on the flesh of laymen――
From across the world, various "miracles" have appeared, but are these real or just make-believe? Determining the authenticity of these claims is left up to the Vatican's "Miracle Examiners." The bright Hiraga and the ancient manuscript cryptanalysis expert Roberto. The two, bounded by a strong trust, while being wrapped up in their investigation of these strange events, they will confirm the validity of these miracles. These gifted priests will find their own path, but are they guided by God, or Satan?

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Episode 4: Nevertheless, I believe in God
Hiraga and Roberto approach the truth of the serial murders committed at Saint Rosary Church.Michael Brown司教の部屋から持ち出した古代ルーン文字の書物の解読に取りかかったロベルトは、そこにすべての事件に繋がる事実が記されていることを突きとめる。ミハイル・ブラウン司教の正体、そして、半世紀以上も隠されてきたセント・ロザリオ教会の正体とは……!?
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