Ruggieri Rutherford
Gender male
Status alive
Professional Status
Affiliation Galdoune
Personal Status
Relatives father (alive)
Voice Actors

Ruggieri Rutherford is a character in Vatican Miracle Examiner. [1]

He's a member of Galdoune, a satanic cult tied with the Illuminati, with the aim to control the world through wealth, medicine and masterminding politics and corporations.

Appearance Edit

Ruggieri has short, light blonde hair and light colored eyes. He has a stubble and tanned skin. He often wears elegant,formal clothes.

Personality Edit

Ruggieri is apparently a friendly person, with a passion for women and luxuries. Behind his facade, however, he's a member of Galdoune, and as such he tends to exploit people, countries and resources however he deems useful. He fancies himself of being a gourmet, and states he'll never marry since he thinks women are just a nuissance unless it's for sex, and that he'd never find somebody as charming as Julia anyway.

He likes challenges, but only because he likes to win; he tends to get moody if he doesn't, or if it's taking too much time to seize victoy, claiming time is money. He also seems to have a particular like for red things, and firmly believes there's nothing in the world he can't obtain.

Background Edit

Not much is known about Ruggieri before meeting Julia. When Ruggieri's father, who was previously Julia's boss, had them meet each other, Ruggieri thought he was being introduced to his fiancée, and he claims to have been disappointed in finding out he was wrong, even jokingly telling Julia that's the reason he doesn't plan on marrying any woman. As his father rose to Galdoune's Senate, Ruggieri took over his position, thus becoming Julia's boss as well. He seems to have a deep affection towards Julia, which goes besides their relationship of boss and right-hand-man. Also because of this, he demands that Julia organizes his birthday party every year, claiming he looks forward to his thoughtful parties and to see Julia wearing dresses.

He's also stated to be involved in American politics, claiming he wants for one of his pawns to become president of United States, and aims to estabilish and anti-American government in Haiti, which he'd lead as maharaja.

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